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Artist Services


Trying to go it alone in the digital world is next to impossible. "Don't be the little fish in the big pond"


We have access to every major digital store and a world-wide reach. Some of the online stores include Spotify, Apple, I-tunes, I-Heart radio and over 250 others.  Streaming and digital Mp3's are an essential part of music in this digital market and well navigate it for you.

Artists with us get exposure, development, social media management, production & promotion all in one company. We also work with talented writers/composers so if you need a song we can help you out. We are a management company that wants to see you succeed in every aspect of your career and the life it involves.


We know what it takes to BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE of the digital marketplace. Partner with us and we'll help you develop your skills and record songs that will make a difference in your career. We have complete management contracts that include social media handling and branding. (follow the link at the bottom for new artists) If you are already established and need solid public relations we have a team of talented writers.  message for more info.

Message from our President:  I know what it takes to get exposure in the business we call music. It's now a digital world. With shows/concerts being cancelled it is critical to have not just an online presence but a good one. You want your fans to return and to download, stream and buy your music and merch. Here at Tiger Music Productions you become part of our family and we care about all our artists from new to seasoned. Working together, collaborating and gaining fans.

Check our artist management page to see if were accepting new artists for our roster. (media files sent as attachments will not be accepted. please see the accepted format on artist management page) If you do not have links get in touch and we can discuss how to submit songs.

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