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  • Doug Banks

Having great relationships means the world to us at TMP

With our years of experience in the industry building relationships is an important part of what we do. From P.R. companies to writers, bloggers and playlisters everyone plays an important part of the music business. Were particular about who we do business with and one of our relationships is with an outstanding company called (Songwriters Portal Intl. LLC )

They review new writers regularly and if selected place them on their site. Once there, they pitch artists to industry professionals like us. When we're looking for tracks we go to an accredited source like Songwriters Portal. The fact is if your a writer sending bulk emails to labels, publishers, publicists and managers that isn't the way to get your work out to industry professionals. Getting on board with a company like Songwriters Portal is, as a label we will review a submission from a company like them before a cold submission.

If you're a serous about your career in the music business you need to have great people behind you and our staff at Tiger Music Productions Canada realize just how important that is. As an independent label we've been in your shoes as artists, musicians and writers ourselves. We will guide you on your path to getting discovered, breaking through the noise and help you do what you love, make music. (click on the picture to go to Songwriters Portal and start your journey as a writer today)

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