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Open Auditions for male & female country artists

As of today April 24th we've started accepting open auditions for country artists. This is an important milestone for us as Covid has ended and life is getting back to normal, or the new normal.

What were looking for in a nutshell:

-Country artists/bands who have put time into their career and want representation to move forward and become established, have a voice for country music and are ready to record.

- Artists that know how a song is produced, what it takes in time and effort to make a commercially ready track(s) ready for market.

- Bands, if you've got what it takes we want to hear from you as well.

- The time to dedicate to a song(s) to bring them to market.

- The ability to play an instrument is nice to have but we realize not everybody can play an instrument, if that's the case knowledge of and some recording experience is a must.

We are accepting both artists who have written their own songs and artists who are looking for great songs to sing. We have a number of writers in the country genre looking for people to get their music to market. So go ahead, send us a link to your best song, (we'll accept a cover version with credits, if you don't have your own song.) Let us hear your voice and we'll take it from their.

We are accepting artists/bands to publish and artists/bands for our label. please indicate on your submission if you are new to music or an established artist. We wish everyone who submits the best of luck. Phone calls will not be accepted on submissions. Our A & R team will be in touch with their decision either way. Please follow the link to submit your music. Submissions

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