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The TMP family is growing

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

When Covid hit, it hit the music industry hard. while studios & businesses in the industry were closing and musicians world wide watched their incomes dry up everybody downsized. These were the toughest times I've ever seen in the industry I love so much and it was a hard pill to swallow.

I had a choice to make, although we scaled back operations I spent the time investing in technology, re-establishing connections I had spent years making and we did a few projects just to keep our heads above water. The online launch of the company was already scheduled for January when the pandemic hit. I took the preverbal "bull by the horns" and after being around since 1998 went for it. We launched when others were closing, we pushed through the pandemic knowing that resilience and perseverance would pay off and we changed the way we did business for years.

Tiger Music Production Canada re-emerged as not only an independent label but as a publisher doing North America. People thought I was crazy to even attempt it in the middle of the pandemic. Musicians, composers & writers throughout North America applauded it and that made my mind up. We were moving forward and nothing was going to hold us back. In hindsight it was the best time to re-launch the company, we had nothing but time on our hands to do our social media, firm up connections and make calls.

The pandemic has ended for the most part, live shows are back and musicians have begun to record hits they were were hesitant about. We've cautiously expanded with planned growth and are adding new artists to our roster. Is there a limit to our expansion is one of the questions I get asked and the answer is an absolute yes! We will only pick up enough artists that we can handle, then we will hire more staff who then have to be trained in our business before we go further.

Our goals haven't changed from our online launch as we represent independent artist and get their music heard world wide. Being an artist on our roster means your family and family sticks together, we share resources and collaborate with each other with respect, integrity and above all treat each and every person connected to the company as family. Personally I couldn't think of a better business to be in filled with music, laughter, joy and seeing people accomplish their dreams first hand.

Doug Banks


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