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  • Doug Banks

You've wrote an amazing song, now what?

Like most writers, musicians and composers will tell you, creating a song is just the start. After that there's recording it in studio quality sound, producing it in the varied formats required for digital streaming, downloading and radio airplay.

Coming from a musicians background and now production and a record label itself I can tell a few things. Many of the people I work with that are very talented in production and composing all say the exact same thing. In this world of digital downloads and streaming to just put your song out there without a plan is like throwing your song in the garbage. There are adds all over social media on how for a fee for a book, course or gimmick there going to get you followers and show you how to make money.

I've checked out many of them in these last months during Covid and I can honestly say, don't waste your money! The only way your going to get your song heard and played repeatedly is to get it out to commercial market radio period... If you new to the business and don't have a budget approach your local radio station that plays your Genre and their program director. price for submission, free. If they like what they hear they'll put it in rotation. Ensure it's studio quality and in radio format.

I think I've seen every possible sales pitch asking for your money with promises of riches for musicians and singers out there in the last (18) months and we'll go through a few of them. (1) Instagram/ Facebook there are so many Instagramer's promising huge audience potential for anywhere from $25 - $150 bucks that's its ridiculous. I have to date to find a single one that actually has the numbers to warrant spending money with them. Check them out, where are they from, how many followers do they have and ask for references. This is an easy one, look at past posts and contact people they say they've ran successful campaigns with.

(2) Twitter, As with Instagram there's an abundance of people with promises and the same result, sorry to burst your bubble here but anyone coming from social media lately is not worth your time. If your really going to give one of these people you've never met, from potentially another country a whirl, do it with Paypal and ask for a guarantee in writing, keep a copy of your messages and if they fail to give the results contact Paypal. Again, keep all the correspondence because Paypal will ask for it and they will refund your money if you can back up your claim.

So as either a seasoned musician or a newbie to the world of music how do you get exposure? Well like I said previously, (1) explore your local radio market, play local gigs and don't loose site of your plan. (2) connect with a reputable music marketing company and be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on P.R. (3) send your music to a major record label and be prepared to wait.. (4) build you circle of people that can actually help you with your career and P.R.

I sincerely hope this article stops you from wasting your money and time with people who are only in it for a quick buck and not for you. I've spent over (35) years in the business, still compose, collaborate with people from many genre's, love music and help many people from those getting started in the business to polished professionals looking to get their music out to the world audience. Check out our corporate services page and send me a message.

By Doug Banks


Tiger Music Productions Canada

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