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Track Mastering


Mastering is just one of the things we do at Tiger Music Productions. We use the latest technology and software to produce the highest quality recordings. Our mastering capabilities range from a few tracks to an entire orchestra. You choose what you need and we'll make certain your recording sounds it's best and is web/radio ready in 24 bit stereo stereo and now Dolby Atmos. Get in touch with us for your project needs. 

Music Distribution & Publishing

Once your tracks are mastered and your ready for the markets this is where our expertise comes in. We have contracts in place with agitators to get your music placed and heard in all the major markets of online streaming. This encompasses not only North America but a world wide reach. Trying to release music, collect royalties and track it is a full time job. Get in touch and we'll get  you published regardless of where you are.

Social Media Management

Is your VOICE BEING HEARD on social media or are you getting lost in the noise of the digital world. We work with a select group of marketing companies who can put to put together a solid social media campaign to bring fans to you. In these challenging times a social media presence is a must have and you can ensure your music stands out. Let us show you what social media can do for your music and your brand. Get In touch

     We have access to every major digital store and a world-wide reach. Some of the online stores include Spotify, Apple, I-tunes, I-Heart radio and over 250 others.  Streaming and digital Mp3's are an essential part of music in this digital market and well navigate it for you. We know what it takes to BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE of the digital marketplace. If you are already established and need solid public relations we work with marketing companies with industry experience in music,  message for more info.

     We are very pleased to announce that as of early November we now master in both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround Sound. Platforms such as Amazon, I-tunes and I-heart radio are now asking for Dolby Atmos mixes with more platforms to follow. Dolby is a complex mix ranging from 5.0 to 9.1 and mixes have to be clean and levelled to be accepted from distributors. We can take an ordinary 24 bit recording and turn it into spatial sound with our engineers.

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