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Doug Rice

Genre: Country/Country Rock

Doug Rice has been in music for a number of years, he is a keyboardist, composer and loves everything country. He also enjoys doing classic country mixed with some new country and his lyrics are his story.

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Genre: Folk/Rock

Aiyo speaks multiple languages, has spent a number of years in a church choir and has a love for music, we can't wait for the world to hear her voice.  Her new single drops Oct. 15th and you can hear the teaser at her official music website. Check it out now!!

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Wes Senter

Genre : Americana Country
Wes is a songwriter/producer & recording artist, he has been in the business for 25 years, Wes is responsible for the singing & songwriting of many industry professionals throughout his career and he's decided it's now time to put some of his own work out there. Were thrilled to have Wes on our label and work with him and his many talents. Wes also owns a company called Songwriters Portal Intl. where he helps many songwriters in their journey of being discovered because (you don't have a hit song without a great writer!!!) Wes's new album which were very excited to publish to showcase his work drops in early spring of 2022. (keep an eye out for the date)