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Music Tells Our Story

TIGER MUSIC PRODUCTIONS is an independent record label/publishing company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We firmly believe in developing tomorrow's talent and showcasing them in today's large marketplace. The music industry has changed almost overnight and online presence is a must for any artist wanting their MUSIC HEARD BY THE MASSES. Being in the music business for almost (30) years we have positioned ourselves, by partnering with major digital distribution companies (agitators), to give independent artists a voice TO BE HEARD WORLDWIDE.

We've heard and seen it all, everybody wants your money with empty promises. As artists ourselves we'll guide you in the right direction, keep the dishonest people at bay and ensure you're on the right path from recording your first song, producing to mastering it. You put countless hours/money into your craft and that's just the beginning. Setting up a release & promoting it takes countless hours of time to ensure your music is released and HEARD BY THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

SOCIAL MEDIA IS A KEY ELEMENT and what you put out is how you're viewed. Allow us to be your public relations department and ensure your brand is always showcased in the best light possible. Whether you realize it or not, your music and you are a brand. BRANDING is the most important thing in social media today. We have partnered with the best people that can help build your brand regardless of Genre.

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Recording Studio
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Message from our CEO

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As the CEO of Tiger Music Productions Canada I have spent over 30 years  in the business. Through that I've seen some major transformations from tape/vinyl and analogue recordings to the digital world we now use in producing & production with new programs and more sophisticated methods to produce.  I have been involved in all sides of music business,  as both an artist & composer and as a scout/manager. I started my journey with (A.I.R.A) Alberta Independent Recording Arts (a platform for new talent to get connected) and continued on to be a talent scout and artist manager. Throughout it all I continue to compose and produce music. In 2018 I went in-depth with the new social media movement and learned how to apply this knowledge to the craft of promotion. I have formal training through Trebas for engineering, know music law well, have in-depth contract knowledge and will always be forefront of the label. 

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