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Social Media Management

Digital social media

Every serious artist needs social media. Without it your chances of exposure to the masses are extremely limited. The social media channels you need are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok & YouTube is also a very important social media channel and is the number one search engine over Google. Do You have a Youtube account? If not, you're missing out on not only the #1 media exposure for videos but a lucrative revenue stream. (Along with solid social media and branding you need to set aside a monthly budget for promotion!!! simply putting your music out there is not enough.)


Websites are a must. Every social media account needs to be linked to your website because this is where you SHOWCASE your music, videos and merchandise. It's the 1st place you announce any new music for release as well as any performance/concert dates. It's also a good idea to have a blog built into your website. (Google will search it on a regular basis because of the activity).

Now you know just a fraction of what goes into social media. Do you have hours for every release, not including publishing, digital distribution & setting up the release date? We can set up the release and distribute for you, from there working with one of our marketing companies ensures your release gets noticed. This is what a good management company does, we put you in the best light possible.


We receive hundreds of submissions monthly from artists showcasing their talent, we look at all of them and we know when someone does solid media campaigning or if they pay for listeners. Artists need to have a marketing campaign and monthly budget to build brand awareness, taking shortcuts like buying views and listens results in artist profiles getting taken down almost daily and it's something we won't consider if we're working with an artist.

We are not currently accepting submissions for new artists on our site.  If you have a submission you'd like to get our opinion on please submit your music to Groover and direct it towards our A&R team. 

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