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  • Doug Banks

Music Has Changed Forever

We all know Dolby and you see their logo in theatres and in movie sound tracks around the globe. Dolby has now gone one step further and now it is available in music. Dolby Atmos is spatial sound and bringing it to online streaming platforms like I-Tunes and Apple was a natural with more to follow very soon.

At Tiger Music Productions we've invested in our future by upgrading both hardware and software. We have been working on Dolby Atmos for months and are excited to say were now ready to master in full Dolby Atmos.

Were working hard on innovation and although we can master from 2- 80 tracks in stereo, Dolby Atmos is the future of music as streaming platforms and networks are now offering it like Amazon Prime & Disney among many. It can be played on phones, , gaming consoles & home theatres, even some vehicles are putting it in already. Listening to a Dolby Atmos track versus a stereo track is significantly different as it is spatial sound. Stereo is 2 channel and only comes from two directions where Dolby Atmos is spatial sound and comes from all directions, front, back side, floor and above giving the listener a fuller experience. It can be listened to on headphones and the difference is something you'll never want to go back to. In newer vehicles with multiple speakers 6/8 it is incredible and in a home theatre with multiple speakers it's phenomenal. This is the way music should sound, full and rich.

Streaming platforms are giving Dolby Atmos mixes special consideration as they stand out from stereo mixes currently and as it progresses it will be the way of the future. In order to mix in Dolby Atmos the stems have to be clean and levelled, from there it's up to our engineers to work with clients to put everything in the right place space y as it's now where you put instrumentals and vocals spatially in an environment. Music production has changed and we're here to make your tracks stand out, way out above the competition. Get in touch with us today and if your tracks are ready we will master your tracks in Dolby Atmos.

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